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The Friends of Stevens Creek Trail are dedicated to preserving and enhancing this vital community resource. Make a contribution today and help us realize our vision.

Our Mission

The Friends of Stevens Creek Trail promotes community pride and involvement in the completion, enhancement, and enjoyment of the Stevens Creek Trail and Wildlife Corridor.

The mission of the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail is to work with the community to preserve and enhance the trail, bringing greater opportunities for recreation, transportation, education and conservation to all. Over the years, we’ve made great strides towards our ultimate goal of extending the trail all the way from the Bay to the Pacific.

As its name implies, the trail follows Stevens Creek, a carefully preserved waterway which flows for twenty miles through diverse ecosystems from the Santa Cruz Mountains to the Bay. On its route the creek passes through the cities of Cupertino, Los Altos, Sunnyvale and Mountain View, communities that had the foresight to reserve this land for public use.

Today the trail connects these communities and provides myriad benefits to the more than 70,000 people who live and work within walking distance, giving them the opportunity to commute, exercise, relax and explore.

The Friends of Stevens Creek Trail unite the community in support of the trail in a variety of ways from creek cleanups to our signature annual event, the Trailblazer Race. By fostering community engagement through partnerships, fundraising and education, we protect this shared resource and help realize the full potential of the trail.

For 50 years, the people of Silicon Valley have worked together to create and maintain the Stevens Creek Trail, a vital natural resource for transportation and recreation in the Peninsula that benefits all who live here.


The trail provides educational opportunities including tours for both adults and children. In addition, The Friends engage children and parents in creek cleanups and other volunteer activities and provide educational materials to local school and the general public.


Stevens Creek is home to a menagerie of native wildlife including fish, quail and hawks that use the trail to travel between distant territories. We work to preserve these habitats with native vegetation planting and creek cleanups.


The Stevens Creek Trail welcomes hikers, joggers, cyclists and other recreational users and provides access to parks and natural spaces including the Monte Bello Preserve, McClellan Ranch and Shoreline Park.


Many commuters use the safe, automobile-free route that links neighborhoods and public transit stops to companies large and small, reducing emissions and easing congestion at the same time.